Calais Damask Shandygaff The artistry of the past continues to inspire innovative designs that marry history with contemporary aesthetics. Today, we delve into the creation of a new damask wallpaper that draws inspiration from the antique lace of Calais, France, and hues reminiscent of the 16th-century French style of silk tapestry known as ‘millefleurs’. Discovering […]

Bijou Lattice Wallpaper in Rhubarb Euclidean Star Watercolour Wallpaper in Regalita The maximalist aesthetic is a design style characterized by an abundance of elements, patterns, colors, and textures. In contrast to minimalism, which embraces simplicity and a “less is more” philosophy, maximalism revels in excess and embraces a more-is-more approach to design. Here are key […]

CABINCORE Cabincore is a trend that celebrates a rustic, cozy, and nature-inspired aesthetic reminiscent of life in a cabin or rural setting. It gained popularity as a subgenre within the broader cottagecore movement, which romanticizes a simpler, more idyllic lifestyle. Mixing it up with a dash of rustic flair. Windjammer Rustic Stripe, Yarrowphoto courtesy of […]

Saw-Whet Owls at Rocky Point Newbury Port BlueIn October Volunteers at the Rocky Point Bird Observatory band these tiny migratory owls to monitor them on their journey. We have been lucky to visit the observatory twice, on midnight adventures. I created this new design for my daughter, to commemorate these awesome nature encounters. This self-drafted […]

Throughout history, wallpaper has undergone various design shifts and popular themes. Here are some of the most significant themes that have emerged over the years: These are just a few examples of the famous themes that have left their mark on wallpaper design throughout history. Wallpaper trends continue to evolve, incorporating new inspirations and innovations […]

Contemporary trends in wallpaper design aesthetics are constantly evolving, but here are some popular themes:

Where to Begin?

There are several software programs that are widely used by surface pattern designers for creating digital designs. Here are some of the best software programs for creating digital surface pattern designs: These software programs provide a wide range of features and capabilities to cater to the needs of surface pattern designers. The choice of software […]

As a surface pattern designer, key opportunities for making money include: LICENSING There are numerous brands that license work from surface pattern designers. Here is a list of some well-known brands that collaborate with surface pattern designers for their product lines: PRINT ON DEMAND There are several print-on-demand platforms available where artists can list their […]

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