Calais Damask Wallpaper

Calais Damask Shandygaff
The artistry of the past continues to inspire innovative designs that marry history with contemporary aesthetics. Today, we delve into the creation of a new damask wallpaper that draws inspiration from the antique lace of Calais, France, and hues reminiscent of the 16th-century French style of silk tapestry known as ‘millefleurs’.

Discovering Calais Lace Heritage:
Calais, renowned for its delicate lacework, serves as the muse for this latest wallpaper creation. The intricate beauty of antique lace from this French region, with its timeless motifs and delicate patterns, was a rich starting point as I researched French Country design aesthetics.

Godavari Floral Paisley – Pale Almond

Colors of a Bygone Era:
To infuse a touch of the 16th century into this new wallpaper, I turned to the millefleurs tapestries. These intricate textile masterpieces, known for their intricate floral patterns, provide the perfect inspiration for what has become one of my favorite color palettes.

Calais Damask, Millefleurs

Blue Nova
After looking to the past I focused on incorporated trending elements, including a colorway featuring Benjamin Moore’s ‘Blue Nova.’ This modern touch harmoniously blends with the vintage-inspired hues, creating a balance that resonates with both classic and current design sensibilities.

Calais Damask, Blue Nova
With a nod to the Calais region’s legacy this wallpaper invites you to bring a piece of French heritage into your home.

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