As a surface pattern designer, key opportunities for making money include: LICENSING There are numerous brands that license work from surface pattern designers. Here is a list of some well-known brands that collaborate with surface pattern designers for their product lines: PRINT ON DEMAND There are several print-on-demand platforms available where artists can list their […]

Some pearls of wisdom for digital artists.

A Master List of important resources for Surface Pattern Designers

Are you considering listing your art on a POD (Print on Demand) website? Here are some things you should know. Print on Demand Textiles Textile manufacturers worldwide are investing in digital technology. This is causing a shift in the way Surface Pattern Designers create and license their work, and the opportunities in the industry are changing. […]

I asked some fellow designers to share their summer reading list suggestions. Here are some books that they recommended, along with some of my faves. PDA Students: I’ve included links to some of these books through the GVPL. *Illume* indicates that the title is available by request through Interlibrary loans HISTORY OF DESIGN & DESIGN […]

I’m Ronya. I am surface pattern designer, specializing in textiles and wallpaper.But my journey to get here has been a real hay-ride! Early on in my dance career, I performed long-form, image-based solo work with underground post-rock band, the Beans. The Beans were inspired by the long improvisational patterns and structures from Javanese Gamelan and […]

The Vogue 1959 It’s a Zoo Quiet Book My friend Sarah came across this Vintage Vogue Pattern, and dropped it off for me, not realizing that it’s for the same Quiet Book that my mum made for me when I was a baby. The pattern was published in 1978, the year I was born and […]

What is a conversion rate? A conversion rate is the number of views on an ad that result in a sale. Average conversion rates vary across platforms. For example a conversion rate of 1% would mean that for every 1000 views you would sell that product 10 times. IG posts can average 0.30% and 2.6% depending […]

This was my first time joining the Bag of the Month Club. I really enjoyed learning some new skills, as each pattern featured a few new techniques to try. The Bag of the Month Club (BOMC) is a subscription based pattern club. The club provides members with 1 new sewing pattern on the 1st of […]

Today some of my fellow designers asked me for a side by side comparison between AI generated surface patterns and digitally illustrated surface patterns. I thought it would be fun to write a response with contributions from an AI writing tool. Me: As the conversation about the use of AI continues, I suggested learning […]