I’m Ronya. I am surface pattern designer, specializing in textiles and wallpaper.But my journey to get here has been a real hay-ride! Early on in my dance career, I performed long-form, image-based solo work with underground post-rock band, the Beans. The Beans were inspired by the long improvisational patterns and structures from Javanese Gamelan and […]

If Danny were a novel, she would be a psychedelic steampunk romance that ends in a destination wedding on a tropical beach… and it would be a page turner. Browsing her design portfolio feels like shopping at your favorite vintage store, full of well-curated treasures. For sewists, looking for one-of-a-kind head turners – her textiles […]

Dagmar’s minimalist modern illustrations are delightful. Drawing inspiration from literature and from the world around her, Dagmar creates stylized characters and motifs that evoke mod & scandi aesthetics, while remaining completely original and fresh. Dagmar uses a curated palette, clean shapes, and minimal texture in beautifully composed patterns. Her representations of animals and nature are […]

While the first thing you notice about Julee’s work might be the many jokes threaded into her design titles, closer inspection reveals a technical prowess, and lucidity that allows her to speak with a clear voice. If art is about connecting to people’s emotions, Julee’s work hits you in the funny bone, then leaves you […]

How I learned to sew.