Meet Julee Wood – Jewelraider

Julee Wood – Jewelraider

While the first thing you notice about Julee’s work might be the many jokes threaded into her design titles, closer inspection reveals a technical prowess, and lucidity that allows her to speak with a clear voice. If art is about connecting to people’s emotions, Julee’s work hits you in the funny bone, then leaves you contemplating the nature of reality. She’s a creative alchemist.

If you are looking for Stylish Classical Florals or Classical Stylish Avocados, Julee’s got you!

The Designs

Rough Seas in my Dreams

Currently featured in Spoonflower’s Calm Coastal bedding collection, Julee’s Rough Seas in my Dreams is a favorite for home decor.


Approximately how many bunnies can fit inside a pyramid? A pharaoh-mount.

Tut-An-Cottontail is a great conversational print. There’s no de-Nile… I’ll walk myself out.


Julee’s style is extremely versatile. It includes florals with a touch of vintage (but not overdoing it), realistic fruits and veggies, very detailed line work and minimalist designs. Some of her designs remind me a bit of surrealism, which I think is really cool and sets her designs apart from what others are doing.‘ – Dagmar Schmidt, Dalight Design



Julee made this coffee station table runner from a fat quarter of her Välsmakande РTASTY TREATS design.

Summer Lightning

Wise Woof makes Spirit Floofs using Summer Lightning. And if you’re wondering why you don’t have a Spirit Floof yet, you’re not alone.

Wine and Snacks

Maker, Laura Wikey, made this tea cozy, for serving ‘tea’ out of Wine and Snacks.

Let Me Tell Your Fortungami

April Mathis of Bags by April used Julee’s Let Me Tell Your Fortungami for this sweet tote. I actually used to run an origami company. My business was in-creasing… but it folded.

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