Meet Danielle Brodeur – Danny’s Remake Remodel

a woman wearing glasses and smiling in front of an underwater steampunk art print

If Danny were a novel, she would be a psychedelic steampunk romance that ends in a destination wedding on a tropical beach… and it would be a page turner. Browsing her design portfolio feels like shopping at your favorite vintage store, full of well-curated treasures. For sewists, looking for one-of-a-kind head turners – her textiles often juxtapose classic elements like checks and stripes with something unexpected.

My creations are colorful, and range from whimsical and edgy, to romantic and artsy.’ -Danielle Brodeur

With a background in costume design, Danny leans into narrative, but her flights of imagination are grounded in a technical understanding of apparel.

If you’re looking for Danny, she’s not hard to find: Danny does everything!

Home Decor

Wall Murals

Danny has a gallery of wall murals at Grand Canvas.


Pink Flowers and Rococco

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