Spoonflower Dogwood Denim project ideas

Dogwood Denim shows off prints with a bright saturated color that makes the art truly come alive. It is just so beautiful.

Bags, Purses & Backpacks

The Teloujay Cross Body Bag

a hand made purse with a floral fabric design

I chose Spoonflower Dogwood Denim in my Floral Toile Spring design to sew this Teloujay Crossbody Bag because I wanted our Spring Collection colors to really pop. This pattern sews up beautifully with the denim for the exterior. I reinforced the fabric with woven interfacing for structure. The coordinating blue denim was a remnant from an old pair of jeans, and I used quilting cotton for the interior lining. This pattern has a great video tutorial. If you are an intermediate sewist, looking to improve your bag making technique, this is the one to try.

The Manhattan Zipper Case

I stuffed these Manhattan Zipper Cases with scrunchies, pencils and scented soaps, as gift bags for my daughter’s birthday party. If you are sewing with kids, this pattern offers clear step-by-step instructions for beginners to practice sewing zips. Spoonflower Dogwood Denim is a beginner-friendly fabric, sturdy enough to hold the shape of smaller pattern pieces without sliding around as you stitch. Use a denim needle, and switch to a fresh needle, or adjust your tension if the fabric starts to pull at the stitches. Designs by Brittany Lane Allen

The Necessary Clutch Wallet

This custom Necessary Clutch Wallet was sewn with 1 fat quarter of Medusa Ruby Gates of Hell dogwood denim for the exterior. The lining and interior can be sewn with any quilting weight cotton. I tested 4 different Spoonflower Fabrics for the NCW and the Dogwood Denim came out on top. I love the durability of this material for a wallet that will be used every day and I’m just obsessed with the denim’s vibrancy. This intermediate to advanced sewing pattern requires some skill but is well supported with sewing tutorials and a dedicated Facebook community of experienced NCW sewists. If you give yourself a clear sewing table, a fresh cup of tea and take your time, you can do it!



Harry Olaya used Graffiti at the Skate Park to create this look for the Psyche’s Graffiti Spring Collection. If you have sewn garments with denim before, then you know what to expect from this fabric. The stand-out difference with the Dogwood Denim is the incredible range of choices for print and color.

Bucket Hats

Dominique Declerck of Daemonique Arts stitched these custom denim bowler hats with Haunted Mansion Wallpaper and Marriott Carpet by Nicci Tymm

One of a Kind DIY

The Yoga Bolster

This Yoga Bolster was sewn by Belgian designer and maker, Wendy Scheerlinck, of House of May using her Curves and Minimal Rectangles designs. To make the bolster she followed the Spoonflower Sewing Tutorial How to Create a Colorful DIY Yoga Bolster. This project uses one yard of Dogwood Denim.

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