Spoonflower Organic Sweet Pea Gauze

Stitched Mid-Century Modern Geometric Moons by Amber Gibbs Designs

Familiarize yourself with the unique characteristics of Spoonflower’s Organic Sweet Pea Gauze as you’re planning your sewing project.

Spoonflower is an online textile printing service that allows users to purchase custom made fabrics ready for sewing. It also offers one of the widest selections of patterns and colors in the industry. Sewers can browse through thousands of products from a global community of independent designers, choose the ones they like best and place orders quickly and easily.

Getting to know your Gauze

This eco-friendly, 100% organic cotton double gauze fabric features an open weave with a subtle 1-inch grid. It is soft and absorbent, a great choice for tea towels to dry your hands. With a texture similar to muslin, the gauze crinkles when washed. To take advantage of the texture of this fabric choose lighter-colored designs with bold shapes. Makers use Organic Sweet Pea Gauze for sewing soft swaddling blankets, bibs and burp cloths, produce bags apparel and beach cover-ups.

Designs printed on an open weave will be slightly offset, and fine details will soften. When choosing a design for a larger project, check the look and feel by first ordering a swatch.

Sewing Notes

Organic Sweat Pea Gauze can be a little fickle to sew. My Pfaff 360 is assertive and holds the tension along seams beautifully, but my domestic Mason machine tends to pull the bottom layer of gauze along faster than the top. For serging seams I recommend trimming the fabric evenly and sewing with a 1/4″ seam allowance. This will help to prevent the fabric from tangling into your cutter. Test sew a few seams to adjust the tension on your machine and if things are sliding around, add more clips or pins and pause (with the needle down) to adjust the fabric as you work.

Burp Cloths, Bibs and Blankets

Burp cloths sewn from Brittany Lane Allen’s Reptiles and Amphibians Collection. 1 yard makes 3 double-sided burp cloths.

I made these for my little nephew and every time my sister-in-law sees me she gushes about them. They are soft and very absorbent. (And cute!) Their family loves reptiles, so I chose patterns from my reptile collection. These were very quick and easy to sew. I just cut 2 rectangles and put them wrong sides together. I tucked each side inward slightly, about 1/2”, and clipped them together. Then just sewed all the way around. I did not prewash for ease of sewing but included washing instructions and what to expect with the fabric.’

Brittany Lane Allen Designs

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