Spoonflower Sport Lycra project ideas

Spoonflower is an online retailer of custom printed fabrics and wallpapers. It offers thousands of patterns and colors from independent designers worldwide. Sewists can browse through these options and choose exactly what they want. Customized sewing is becoming increasingly popular among makers who can create one-of-a kind projects like this Sport Lycra Spinkini.

Naisish Handmade used The Artwerks design Les Fleurs with a coordinating stripe and the results of their collaboration are spin-tacular.

Spoonflower Sport Lycra is a natural fit for swimwear, with four-way stretch and UPF protection. This fabric stands up well in swimming pools and salt water. Moisture-wicking properties and good stretch recovery makes it the go-to choice for gymnastics and dance leotards, costuming, leggings and headbands.

Athletic Wear

Emily Murray-Broughton, an ironman athlete, sews athletic wear with Spoonflower Sport Lycra. For ironman and triathlon races, athletes need to transition quickly from swimming to cycling. Gear that works for both can save race time. Em cleverly adapted these bike shorts from Fehr Trade’s ‘Sew Your Own Activewear’, by adding a waistband from the yoga pants pattern. She also recommends the Tenacity Leggings for their waistband. Clothing that stays put is essential for training, so her double strap sports bra is genius. Congratulations on your Ironman race in Switzerland Em!

If you work with a serger or an overlocker, sewing stretch is a breeze and domestic machines often have a ‘stretch stitch’ option. If you are new to sewing Sport Lycra, start with a mini make like a headband, to get used to the way the fabric moves through your machine.

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