Bijou Lattice Wallpaper in Rhubarb Where other design styles exercise restraint, stick to neutral color palettes, or adhere to a particular era of history, maximalists play with elements from anywhere and everything. This can feel like opening the doorway to chaos, but some planning and basic design principles can help you to achieve a space […]

Throughout history, wallpaper has undergone various design shifts and popular themes. Here are some of the most significant themes that have emerged over the years: These are just a few examples of the famous themes that have left their mark on wallpaper design throughout history. Wallpaper trends continue to evolve, incorporating new inspirations and innovations […]

Contemporary trends in wallpaper design aesthetics are constantly evolving, but here are some popular themes:

I recently asked interior designer, turned surface pattern designer, Donna Dowling, to share her thoughts on Geometric Wallpaper. This is what she wrote:

Geometric wallpapers feel both modern and ageless. Prized for their versatility, classic geometrics can bring a space into order, creating a sense of calm. Study of geometric pattern analysis led me to create designs inspired by the intricate patterns found in Islamic tile patterns. Here is Uzorak Flint